Best Handcuffs for Sex: Which Ones Are for You?

Best Handcuffs for Sex: Which Ones Are for You?
Handcuffs are undoubtedly a great way to enhance the sexual experience of couples. Right from playing around with some of the wildest fantasies to exploring the unknown, the best handcuffs for sex will take your experience to a whole new level. Though it's essential to learn how to choose suitable handcuffs for sex, and this is why we are going to take a brief down across the factors, types, and a few other essentials.

What are handcuffs, and how do they enhance the sexual experience? 

Handcuffs are typically leather, metal restraints that lock an individual's wrists together. When it comes to the world of sexual instances, handcuffs generally are a way to boost the level of sensual and pleasurable experience by introducing the concept of power play. 

When one person is restrained, one gets the upper hand, resulting in more intense pleasures and even more intense climaxes. Handcuffs have been shown to increase psychological stimulation and facilitate more intense bonding between lovers. Also, more playfulness and experimentation in the bedroom can be introduced by figuring out the best sex positions for handcuffs. 

What are the different types of best handcuffs for sex?

  • Rope handcuffs: Rope handcuffs, also called bondage ropes, can be altered to fit the user's needs. They make complex knots possible and might be tailored to each user's tastes.
  • Metal handcuffs are the traditional ones that most people picture when they think of authorities. They're great at keeping you in place, but they could start feeling chilly and uncomfortable afterwards.
  • Furry handcuffs: A furry handcuff is a good option for people starting to branch out or want something milder. They're softened and made less unbearable by a covering of faux fur or fuzzy fabric at the wrists.
  • Leather handcuffs: As the name says, these are curated from leather, giving them a far more luxurious sensation. For comfort, you will find a soft lining, along with it being highly comfortable. 

What material of handcuffs for sex to choose from?

handcuffs for sex

The material that a handcuff is made out of. Knowing the material ensures the right level of safety and comfort while you are choosing the best handcuffs for sex. Let's check out the commonly used materials:


  • Metal: Metal handcuffs are like the OGs of the scene, but they come with their share of pros and cons. They are undoubtedly great for solid resistance and highly durable for fantasies like BDSM. However, they are too harsh on the skin and might even cause bruising.
  • Nylon/Velcro: The quick-release mechanism handcuffs are usually a result of nylon or velcro materials. They are a great choice for somebody just starting, as they are easy to put in and take off. 
  • Silicone: Silicone handcuffs are more comfortable and elastic than metal ones. They're environmentally friendly, simple to maintain, and offer a custom fit. Although they may be more comfortable than steel or leather restraints, they might be less effective.
  • Leather: When we say Leather handcuffs, only aesthetics and comfort appear first in our mind. The leather is better for longer plays, thanks to the soft lining or padding. This makes them a suitable choice for longer sessions. First, you can check out the Anti-back handcuffs cervical collar webbing restraint exclusively at Sexy Ass Store.

Important Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Handcuffs

Detachable Chains

Some handcuffs come with removable links or hooks, enabling partners to experiment with various postures and link the handcuffs to additional shackles or pieces of furnishings.

Quick Release Mechanism

For security and convenience, the chains must have a robust quick-release mechanism. As a result, you may rest easy knowing that you can get out of tight spots quickly in case of an emergency.

Adjustable Fit

The handcuffs should come loaded with buckles or straps, ensuring a smooth and comfortable fit, regardless of the wrist size. 

Safety First

You should maintain safety characteristics for handcuffs even a bit. Look around for features like a strong build, round edges, etc. Don't buy the ones that might cause pinching or injury. 

Consent & Communication

Involving handcuffs in sexual activity requires a solid foundation of understanding and direct interaction between partners. Appropriate terms should be discussed, and mutual knowledge of each person's expectations and comfort zones should be established.


The concept of handcuffs is excellent, but remember that they can also cause a lot of discomforts if not chosen correctly. So, look for characteristics like soft padding, inner lining, etc. Along with that, ascertain no prolonged use. Feel free to check out the Sexy Ass Store handcuffs page for comfortable handcuffs.


Consider the dynamic(s) you and your potential partner(s) are interested in looking into. You can find handcuffs suitable for simple bonding, dominant-submissive activity, or complex BDSM instances, depending on the type of power balance you're interested in exploring. Selecting handcuffs that match your idea of these toys can be tricky if you don't know exactly where to look for them. To make it easier, just check out some popular options here.


The moment of submission, dominance, dynamics, role-playing, and so on can be introduced to your sex life, all thanks to the adult toy: handcuffs. Carefully consider the critical aspects discussed above for selecting the best handcuffs for sex. Figure out your needs and desires, but don't forget to prioritize safety essentials. 

Selecting the ideal handcuffs for sex for both parties ensures a heightened pleasure and a deepening of connection which requires knowledge of the various possibilities and careful considerations. Feel free to hit in the comments below if you have any more doubts.